The actually weather at the Costa Blanca

The predominant climate in Spain is typically Mediterranean and very pleasant. It is hot for almost three quarters of the year; at times, in areas near to the coast, even the winter is warm. It only gets really cold during the months from December to February, although it should be said that in the winter months there are days when the temperature reaches 20șC at times. Perhaps for this reason, this time of the year is, these days, the normal time for tourism by older people. Above all, this is because the typical mass tourism generally stops for these months. At the end of this page you will find other interesting information about the Spanish climate.

Spanish climate at the coast:

(in °C snd in hours) 

Spain, Coast  April  May  June  July  Aug.  Sept.  Oct. 
Temperatur day 21  26  30  34  33  31  27 
Temperatur night 11  15  19  22  22  20  15 
Temperatur water 17  18  20  24  25  24  21 
Sun hours/day  11  13  13  12  11 
Rainy days / month 

Other information about the Spanish climate

Because of the great differences in altitude and vast extent of its regions, Spain has different climatic zones. The northern regions of Spain (from Galicia, in the north-west to the Pyrenees, in the north-east) are marked by an oceanic climate, which means that there is rain during all four seasons. Because the rain falls heavily most of the time, this zone consists of some of the wettest land in the whole of Europe. In this zone, the different in temperature between the seasons is not very great: 20șC in summer and approximately 9șC in winter.

 On the other hand, in most places in Spain the climate is subtropical and Mediterranean. In contrast to the north of the country, the difference in temperatures over the course of the year is much greater, above all in the Meseta (central plateau). For example, in the city of Madrid, the temperature in July, is, on average 24șC, while in January the thermometer shows an average of 5șC. The variations even create extreme zones. There, in summer, the temperature during the day reaches or exceeds 40șC with relative frequency,. On the other hand, in winter some days the thermometer falls below –10șC. The average annual rainfall in the Meseta area is between 300 and 600l/m2 (in Madrid 419 l/m2) and in the higher areas of the mountain ranges this rainfall often exceeds 2000 l/m2. The spring and autumn might be called the main rainy seasons in the centre of Spain.